Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Eats!

So this week, Genna tried cereal for the first time. We gave her some Saturday night so she would have plenty of time to try it. First I just gave her the spoon and once I held it out, she opened her mouth and knew exactly what to do. We are foodies in our house so she has been paying attention to mommy and daddy. Here is her first bite.

She loved it and would grunt to tell us that she wanted more food. Yummy!

She really did well so we waited a couple of days and tried green beans!

Here is her response to them!
She OBVIOUSLY loves veggies just like daddy. We were hoping that she would get mommy's love for veggies, but looks like she takes after daddy in yet another stage in life. Tonight we are going to try applesauce. If we like that, those green beans are going to disguise their way into her tummy somehow!

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