Friday, January 7, 2011

Back again from 2010!

So here I am! Back again to try this blogging thing one more time! Maybe 2011 is my year to keep it going! So far, I am only seven days behind!

2010 was very good to our family, bringing us our little Genna-Boo! She is a gift from God and the most wonderful baby! I can take her anywhere and she is so good! So far all 2011 has brought is a trip to the ER for daddy and her second ear infection! So we are praying that everyone is well soon!

So since the new year is all about resolutions, I have made a few of my own...

1. Keep working towards being healthy! I need to be healthy for my baby girl and she needs to see her parents eating right and make good choices!

2. Work on being content with what I have! Really I am, but it is learning that I do not need all the little stuff when I make a run to Walmart that gets me! I want to purge and simplify! Genna also needs to see her parents making wise financial choices and learn that we cannot have everything that we want!

3. Be a Godly wife! I want to teach myself to respond kindly to my husband and to be nicer to him, especially in front of Genna. We are not mean to each other, I just want her to have a Godly example of what a marriage should be. And I want her to learn what Psalm 19:14 really means, not just towards her mate, but towards everyone and everything that she encounters.

4. To read to Genna more! We typically read at bedtime or when she gets a new book, but she really has hundreds of books and I want her to love to read like her mommy and daddy. She has more of an attention span now, but she also wants to eat the book while we are reading it. I just want her to love to read and get more exposure to it!

That is all of my resolutions...

But no post is complete without new pictures of the sweetest baby girl I know!

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